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What to  Expect
Functional Medicine/Naturopathic Appointments

First Visit: First office visits are generally 90 minutes long. They involve an extensive intake process, relevant physical exam, discussion of labs if necessary, the start of a treatment plan, etc.

Follow-Up Visits: Times range from 20-60 minutes depending on the information discussed. These visits may include lab reviews, updated health status, changes to treatment plans, etc.

Acupuncture Appointments

First Visit: Total time is roughly 90 minutes. Usually includes a 60 minute intake, followed by pulse and tongue diagnosis and acupuncture treatment.

Follow-up Visit: 30 minutes, includes a brief check in, pulse and tongue diagnosis and acupuncture treatment

*Note: Follow-up visits for Fertility may need 45 minutes.

Body Composition Testing

Takes about 15 minutes, includes measurements of Weight, Height, Hip Circumference, and Waist Circumference. Followed by laying on a massage table with electrodes attached to the hand and foot. A machine is used to collect data (no sensation is felt while data is collected). Data is entered into the computer and a body composition chart and measurements are generated.

Performed at initial visits, and periodically throughout treatment plan to track progress.

Document with Pen
Intake Paperwork

Prior to your first visit, download and fill out the intake paperwork. Bring it with you, completed, to your first appointment. This paperwork can take awhile to fill out so allow yourself plenty of time to sit down and answer all questions thoroughly.

If unable to complete the paperwork before coming in for the first appointment, arrive at least 30 minutes early to allow time to fill out the paperwork in the office.

Paperwork includes: 1. Consent for Treatment, 2. Intake Form, 3. Male or Female Health History, 4. Acupuncture Consent Form

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